Peel L&P, and its homebuilding arm, Northstone, are bringing forward plans for up to 350 new homes on land off Leigh Road, East of Boothstown and West of Worsley.

The new homes will be set within landscaped character areas rich in biodiversity, which will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. The neighbourhood will include children’s play facilities, fitness trails and improved connections with RHS Garden Bridgewater (RHS) and the Bridgewater Canal.

Peel L&P is one of the UK’s leading developers in residential schemes and has delivered transformative and exciting developments across Greater Manchester, including, MediaCity.

Northstone is Peel’s homebuilding arm which delivers modern, sustainable homes set within pedestrian and landscape focused environments. 

Peel and Northstone understand that we have a significant role to play in delivering sustainable, high-quality homes which cater to the needs of the growing population in Greater Manchester. As a responsible business, we recognise that we have a duty to create exemplar sustainable developments that maximise social benefits and safeguard the natural environment. 

East of Boothstown is an emerging allocation for around 300 new homes within the Places for Everyone plan (PfE) for Greater Manchester. The plan will guide the delivery of new homes over the next 15 years across Greater Manchester.

This site has been specifically identified in PfE to be developed ‘at a low density and to an exceptional quality, primarily targeting the top end of the housing market with the intention of attracting and retaining highly skilled workers within Greater Manchester‘.

At each stage of the preparation for Places for Everyone, Salford City Council has acknowledged this site can contribute to meeting the city’s Local Housing Need target and providing family housing. PfE has been subject to several rounds of public consultation and the version that the Combined Greater Manchester Authorities would like to adopt has now been submitted to the Secretary of State for approval. Examination in Public is due to take place between November 2022 and March 2023.

Our community consultation and this website are separate to the PfE process that has taken place on PfE by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Through this engagement, we are seeking your views on our vision for East of Boothstown to assist us as we progress our masterplan for the site.

Please take the time to read through the information available and let us know your views. All feedback will be considered in detail and will help inform the development of the proposals.

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Register for our Webinars

As part of the consultation, we hosted an online session on Monday 16th January from 5.30pm – 6:30pm where the project team talked through our plans and answered any questions attendees might have.

Public Exhibition

We also held a public drop-in event where attendees could talk with the project team face-to-face and ask questions.

The public drop-in event was held at Marriott Worsley Park Country Club, on Thursday 19th January 2023 from 2.30pm – 7.30pm.

There was no requirement to register for the event, residents were invited to just drop-in!


The site is located to the east of Boothstown, west of RHS Garden Bridgewater and Worsley and between Leigh Road and the Bridgewater Canal. It is less than 2km from Junction 13 of the M60 Motorway and within close proximity to existing residential communities to the north and west.

Shaw Brook runs through the centre of the southern half of the site and Alder Wood lies towards the centre of the site.

The site is proposed to be removed from the Green Belt and allocated for new homes within the emerging Places for Everyone (PfE) plan for Greater Manchester.

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East of Boothstown will be a highly sustainable community in a rich landscape setting, reflecting its relationship with RHS Bridgewater and the site’s ecological and landscape assets.

The new homes will be designed to meet the Future Homes Standard at the least, ensuring that all properties will be significantly more efficient than an average home built today. 

What is The Future Homes Standard?

The homes at East of Boothstown will produce at least 75-80% less carbon emissions than those built to current standards. This requirement comes into place in 2025 and so the development will be producing market leading homes early. It will also be a minimum requirement for the development with Phase 1 looking to exceed Future Homes Standards and raise the bar even higher.

These homes will have market leading levels of energy efficiency with renewable energy incorporated and very low household bills. These features will apply to all homes in the development, both aspirational and affordable.

This aim forms the basis of our vision for East of Boothstown, and the rest of the masterplan is guided by the following principles:


Cutting edge design and green features will be included in the homes, with each home achieving a minimum of Future Homes Standard and Phase 1 looking to exceed the requirement.


East of Boothstown will present a scenic and beautiful neighbourhood incorporating landscaped streets, flourishing woodlands, ponds and interconnected open spaces for play, relaxation and wellbeing.


We will promote a healthy and active lifestyle by providing landscaped fitness trails, paths, parks and green spaces, providing runners, cyclists, and pedestrians with scenic routes into existing local trails. The landscape itself will also promote health through specific planting choices such as fruit bearing species.


East of Boothstown will include aspirational homes alongside family homes and multi-generational homes offer a place for all types of families and catering for the needs of residents of all ages, needs and abilities.

Masterplan (Click to enlarge)


We have created a masterplan for the entire site that will deliver up to 350 new homes, set within a landscape that actively encourages health and well-being. The masterplan will be developed in three phases to deliver a new neighbourhood with green and open spaces, children’s play areas, community growing places and enhanced connectivity to key destinations in the area, including RHS.

The masterplan has considered the existing natural and environmental characteristics such as woodland and water features on the site, creating a development which retains, protects and enhances these elements and offers a wide range of new homes and spaces for residents and visitors.


A key part of our approach for East of Boothstown is to ensure that this new community is ready for the future. That includes delivering homes that exceed the Future Homes Standard. 

Our proposals offer a sustainable, well-designed community incorporating several fundamental principles. These include:

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A home that is at least 75 – 80% more efficient than existing homes will significantly reduce homeowners’ energy bills.


Providing homes that are fit for the future and zero carbon ready to exceed sustainable development goals.


Making walking and cycling the natural choice for travel.


Protecting, retaining and enhancing green assets and providing a network of idyllic green and open spaces with tree-lined streets and enhanced connections to the surrounding area.


Fitness trails, footpaths, and cycle routes throughout the site connecting into existing networks along with planting which promotes healthy life choices.


Located in close proximity to direct travel links to Manchester City Centre and the Trafford centre, providing quick access to employment, leisure and retail opportunities.

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The site’s green surroundings, grassland appeal and proximity to the country and city are its greatest assets. Our development will be both sustainable and environmentally conscious across design, construction and completion.

The landscaping vision integrates the homes within a tranquil landscape through tree lined avenues, pocket parks and gardens.

The site will be designed into four landscaped-character areas:


Drawing on the proposed arboretum at RHS, the north of the site will integrate large evergreen trees within the landscape. A landscaped east-west green corridor will improve accessibility between Boothstown, and RHS. An additional north-south green corridor will improve pedestrian access to Boothstown and Worsley via the Bridgewater Canal.


The new neighbourhood benefits from its proximity to the beautiful gardens at RHS providing the opportunity for pocket parks, orchards and community growing spaces to be included throughout the development.


Alder Wood and existing mature trees will be retained, protected, and enhanced wherever possible to protect green views into the site. The walking routes, play spaces and trim tails will encourage exploration and wildflower planting will soften the woodland edge.

The key wildlife elements of the site will be supported by streams, water features and structural planting as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategy (SUDS). These key features will define the edge of the site, presenting an open and green development, and welcoming the whole community to enjoy fitness trails, pocket parks and wildlife areas.

Additionally, conservation and enhancement efforts will be made at Chat Moss to help preserve this wildlife habitat and water management zone.


A wildlife-rich meadow of native flowers, trees and shrubbery will be planted between the development and Bridgewater Canal. This will include an area of mossland which will act as a ‘sponge park’, to absorb excess surface water and create a more sustainable, varied and valuable habitat. This area will create a space for nature to thrive and provide an area for the community to connect with the local natural environment.

The space will be designated as a Nature Recovery Network, a national initiative to create protected zones where nature and wildlife can be conserved and restored. Designed into the fabric of the scheme, it will provide a natural solution to flood management, while providing residents with access to local nature

Our site wide strategy plan (click to enlarge)


The masterplan includes the provision of up to 350 homes. The main focus for the development is the provision of family homes.

20% of the proposed new homes will be affordable on-site and a financial contribution will be made towards the provision of affordable homes in Salford. This would be equivalent to 50% affordable housing in total. On site affordable housing will have the same intelligent design, quality and sustainable features as the market-price housing on the site.

We welcome your views through this consultation on whether affordable housing should be provided on site or whether it should be delivered elsewhere in Salford.

Artists impression
Artists impression


Peel L&P is one of the UK’s leading developers. We have a specialist team with a proven track record in bringing forward transformative and exciting developments that range from high density mixed-use developments on complex brownfield sites to major sustainable urban extensions.

We strive to make a positive impact on people’s lives and are proud of our legacy. Promoting sustainable development is at the heart of what we do, and we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously.

Peel has a long history of investment and regeneration in Salford, including as the developer of MediaCity, partner of RHS Bridgewater and owner of Bridgewater Canal.

This legacy is reflected in the partnership with our homebuilding arm, Northstone, and together we have developed a vision for the site. We own the land East of Boothstown and promoted the site during consultation on Places for Everyone and Salford Council Local Plan.

Peel L&P will perform the role of master developer, which will ensure that the entire development is delivered coherently. Northstone will be responsible for the delivery and construction of the first phase, setting a precedent for sustainable, high-quality homes which reflect and complement the existing local housing offer. Future phases of development will be delivered by other home building partners.

About Northstone

Northstone is bringing forward the first phase of the development, Alder Carr at East Boothstwon. You can learn more about Northstone, look at existing developments and in find more detail on our houses by visiting the Northstone website by clicking here.

The new, new build

Northstone is part of Peel L&P, and we’re passionate about our heritage in the North. We innovate, adapt and regenerate spaces and places. We create energy-efficient homes in community-focused spaces that shape the future of living. Northstone has challenged and elevated traditional property development principles in home building. Our award-winning designs have been informed by our vast experience and the ‘wish-list’ knowledge we’ve gained over the years from occupiers and homeowners.

One of our key commitments is to build homes within our developments that offer a place for all types of families and cater for the needs of residents of all ages and abilities. That is why we design homes for those starting their careers and for those wanting larger family homes, all within budget. We want to ensure more families can find their perfect home in their local area that is suitable for their way of life.

Our homes provide open-plan, uncluttered spaces featuring clever storage solutions to maximise living areas. High ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows increase natural light for residents, while flexible living choices mean all properties can be adapted to respond to residents’ needs and requirements.

Artist Impression of a Northstone Development (Click to enlarge)
We design &
build communities
for better living

Our approach goes beyond just building new homes, we build new communities. Don’t take our word for it though, watch the video below to hear from a family who has decided to make a Northstone house their home.

Reducing Your Cost of Living

Northstone homes at East of Boothstown will exceed the Future Homes Standard by producing at least 75-80% less carbon emissions than homes built to current standards. Cutting edge household technology, design and green features will be included in the homes, to deliver market leading levels of energy efficiency with renewable energy incorporated and very low household bills.

Key elements include energy-efficient windows and doors, heat-save technology, intelligent heating systems, waste-limiting building specifications and all our homes will have EV charge points as well as fast charging hubs on site. In addition, the homes will use a pioneering intelligent home automation system, Wondrwall, a Showersave waste-water heat recovery system, triple glazing as standard and all homes will come with hyper-fast Grain broadband guaranteed from move-in day.

Our homes will continue to exceed building the Future Homes Standards’ through the following features

  • Highly insulated buildings and air tightness
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solar panels with battery storage
  • Other methods such as waste water heat recovery and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Jacob’s Place

At Northstone, we are incredibly proud of our commitment to accessibility. Not only is our approach the right thing to do, but it’s also very close to our hearts. As part of our plans for East of Boothstown, we will include an affordable four-bedroom adapted house, specifically designed for those with disabilities or care-dependent family members.

The plans include an additional downstairs bedroom with adjoining shower room, as well as an open plan living and kitchen area with an accessible garden.

Our Jacob’s Place homes will be part of the multi-generational housing provided at East of Boothstown.


Introducing Alder Carr, the first phase of the development which will be delivered by Northstone. As part of this phase, we are bringing forward around 70 new, high-quality homes, with 20% (14) affordable and embedded throughout the development to ensure a cohesive and integrated community. 

Alder Carr, meaning ‘where alder grows’, will include the provision of family homes, with some multi-generational homes and a Jacob’s Place which is an affordable home with a fully accessible ground floor.

The design of the development will reflect the character of the area in type, form, and density by delivering a variety of two-storey and two and a half-storey detached and semi-detached homes, with gardens and off-street parking in private driveways. There will also be some terraced and maisonette apartments.

Northstone prides itself on sustainability and all the new homes will look to exceed the Future Homes Standard, making Alder Carr a market leading development with a low cost of living for future residents. Alder Carr will also include a children’s a play area and extensive landscaping, bringing the arboretum character area to life.

Phase One Indicative Layout


Key technical and environmental opportunities and constraints have been identified in preparing the masterplan for the site. These include:

Site Opportunities

  • Access to key transport routes, including A580, East Lancashire Road and the M60
  • Connections to local bus services
  • Improvements to footpaths and cycle links
  • Links to wider green networks, including new and enhanced links to and management of the Alder Wood and Shaw Brook
  • Retention and protection of the existing trees, hedgerows, and other habitats.
  • Provision of new multi-functional on-site green spaces that improve habitats and ecology through new wildlife corridors, planting and water bodies and offer opportunities for recreation.
  • Delivery of a comprehensive Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategy (SuDS) to create further on site water features
  • Adjacent to RHS to influence the landscape strategy

Site Constraints 

  • Existing woodland and brook to the north and south of the site
  • Water management to the south of the site
  • Site topography – sloping from north to south
  • Existing trees and hedgerows



Sustainable transport is one of the key features of the masterplan for East of Boothstown. The development has been designed with a focus on accessible and interconnected modes of transport to support walking and cycling and minimise reliance on private cars.

Below is a summary of our assessments to date:


East of Boothstown is ideally placed to take advantage of local transport links to Manchester and further afield. Offering the very best of country and city, means it is both excellently connected and beautifully positioned.


The site is ideally situated adjacent to Leigh Road from which there are several local bus routes, including services 34, 126 and 132. These services provide frequent bus access to destinations such as Leigh, Wigan, Salford, Manchester and the Trafford Centre. Combined, these services provide over 60 buses per day in each direction during the week and all continue to provide frequent services at the weekend.


The development will improve connectivity throughout the area by providing attractive and user-friendly footpaths and cycle routes linking to existing trails to encourage sustainable travel. These include enhanced footpaths and cycle routes with improved connections to the adjacent RHS Garden and the Bridgewater Canal. Additionally the proposals include a new footway on the south side of Leigh Road and a new controlled pedestrian crossing to add to existing crossing locations and provide safe connectivity and improved access to local facilities within the centre of Boothstown to the west and Worsley to the east to other routes.


East of Boothstown will be accessed via a priority junction from Occupation Road, which forms the eastern boundary of the site. Options for improving the local highway network, with a particular emphasis on Junction 13, are under discussion with the local highway authorities.

Sustainable Transport Modes


A key part of our approach is to ensure that this new community is sustainable and fit for the 21st century. That includes focusing on the environment and climate change, but also ensuring those who live here can enjoy a high standard of living.

To ensure the development meets our sustainability goals, the masterplan has been informed by a range of technical assessments. 

Below is a summary of our assessments to date:


Habitat and species surveys have been carried out across the site, and there are no environmental designations that would constrain development. The surveys have shown that ecological impacts can be mitigated and the development will achieve 10% Biodiversity Net Gain.

Alder Wood and Shaw Brook will be retained, protected and enhanced through bespoke management techniques to improve its ecological value.  

Key features of the management techniques include:

  • Comprehensive landscape strategy across the site, with green corridors running east- west and north-south through the site with a variety of plants and habitats to enhance the ecological value of the site.
  • The southern part of the site will be restored and enhanced as mosslands and protected as a Nature Recovery Network, to create a natural greenspace for wildlife to flourish


Shaw Brook, a small stream, runs through the southern portion of the site. The masterplan proposes that this will be retained and improved as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategy (SuDS). This will:

  • Incorporate, retain and enhance mosslands
  • Include water features within green corridors
  • Reduce flooding in the surrounding area


The site lies to the south of the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) associated with Leigh Road. 

The impact of the proposed development on air quality within and outside of the AQMA is currently being investigated.  If these investigations identify that the proposed development could have a negative impact on air quality, mitigation measures to reduce air quality impacts will be proposed.

All dwellings would be provided with an Electric Vehicle charging point to facilitate and encourage the use of low emission electric vehicles.


There are no significant noise constraints which prevent the development from coming forward for new homes. 


The site itself does not contain any designated heritage assets and no further archaeological investigations are required. During construction, should any features of potential significance be found, work will cease to allow for a full investigation.

The site is within the proximity of a number of designated heritage assets. These are Ellesmere Memorial, The Bothy, Garden Cottage at Worsley Hall Garden Centre and Booth’s Hall. The layout of the masterplan for the site has been informed by a Heritage Assessment and designed to respect these assets.


The site is immediately adjacent to a long-standing developed area where a range of services are available. This includes water, gas and electricity, alongside telecommunications infrastructure. 

The development can therefore be connected to key utilities and any upgrades required to accommodate the proposed development can be made alongside its delivery.


The development will deliver substantial social and economic benefits.

Economic Benefits
Social Benefits



Thank you for your interest in the East of Boothstown consultation. The consultation has now closed. The consultation ran from Thursday 5th January to Thursday 26th January 2023. 


Operating across the UK for over 50 years, the family run, Peel Group, and its regeneration arm Peel L&P have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to re-imagine some of the country’s historic assets.

We can be trusted to deliver, with a track record of transformative and exciting developments. We created MediaCity to bring the BBC to the North, started a trailblazing project to give homeless people their own front door at Manchester’s Embassy Village, and are helping to decarbonise industry and generate low carbon energy at Protos and through our Peel NRE business. 

Working with local partners, our nationwide Peel Waters schemes like Liverpool Waters and Wirral Waters are regenerating waterfront destinations into mixed-use sustainable communities, and our innovative homebuilder Northstone is building new energy-efficient family homes in suburban areas.

As part of The Peel Group, Peel L&P strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives and are proud of our legacy. Promoting sustainable development is at the heart of what we do, and we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. Our people are passionate about the communities we work in, and we value our close partnerships with local groups and charities.

By building homes and creating opportunities, including highly skilled jobs of the future, protecting, and improving our open spaces, addressing the climate emergency and our energy needs, Peel L&P will continue to realise possibility and invest in communities for years to come. 

We see possibility. We deliver transformation.

More information at or follow us on Twitter @PeelLandP and LinkedIn

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If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team using the details below:


If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team using the details below: